Behind them are the Pettys and Andrettis, the Allisons, Earnhardts and Unsers and other notable families of racing. Ahead of them are potential emotional and career triumphs – a father/son team driving as teammates.

When it happens, there can be magical moments, such as when Mario Andretti edged his son, Michael at the finish line in a memorable CART race in Portland on Father’s Day in 1986. Or Dale Earnhardt, Sr., proudly sharing the podium with son Dale, Jr., after the latter’s first NASCAR Cup win in 2000.

Whether or not Mike Davis and son Brandon experience these kinds of memories remain to be seen. But the family pair from Huntington Beach, CA, have their emotions – as well as engines – revved up for the possibilities as they are competing in the 2008 SCCA SPEED World Challenge GT series.

Each has a Mustang Cobra from ACS Express Racing with sponsorship from Applied Computer Solutions and Sun Microsystems. Mike is driving the vibrant purple and neon yellow #11 Ford Mustang Cobra. Brandon’s #10 ACS/Sun Mustang Cobra is jet black with neon green trim.

This teaming is an endeavor that has been two years in the making: taking an idea, building a car, tweaking and testing it and finally putting it on the track. And it’s not an adventure created just for the heck of it – the duo is out to win.

“We’ve set our goals high,” said Mike Davis, who was the team owner when Boris Said won his Trans-Am championship in 2002. “We want to win the team championship, the driver’s championship and the manufacturer’s championship. That’s our goal.”

“I want to win a race first,” Brandon Davis said, “then go out and compete for the championship. Those are my goals for the season.”

On the track, their driving styles are as different as their car colors. Mike Davis is more calculating, waiting for situations to develop so he can use his years of driving experience to his advantage. Brandon Davis, on the other hand, is an aggressive hard charger who likes to go for the lead and stay out front. It’s a team scenario not unlike that of one of Roger Penske’s CART teams, when a calculating Al Unser, Jr., would bring the car home safely while a young, daring Paul Tracy would go all out, all the time.

“Brandon definitely has leaded fuel in his veins,” the father stated. “He’s got a fire in his belly, a competitive edge and is very aggressive. Me, well, when you pay for the cars, pay for the bodywork, tires and everything, you tend to be more careful with the equipment. Brandon may crash or break a piece of equipment, come back and ask for another car.

“But,” the father is quick to point out, “Brandon is also a quick learner of cars, tracks and strategy.”

“Dad is very consistent.” Brandon Davis said. “He’s not as aggressive as me. But he’s usually setting the fastest lap times at the end of the race and I may have broken something on the car or hit the wall.

“I think I can beat Dad. But we’re both competitive people. We love each other but won’t give anything when it comes down to driving in a race.”

As team owner and driver, Mike Davis must wear two racing hats. It’s something he’s proven he’s adept at handling, too. He first formed ACS Express Racing to take advantage of his love of vintage cars. He began racing the classics and eventually moved up to SCCA Club Racing before taking on his biggest challenge, fielding a team in the Trans-Am series.

In 2002, with Boris Said behind the wheel, the team won the BFGoodrich Tires Trans-Am Series Championship and Panoz Esperante Manufacturers title.  Following the title-winning victory, Said drove the newly-manufactured 2003 Mustang to Ford Racing’s 100th Ford Mustang victory.  In 2003 and 2004 Mike Davis competed in the Trans-Am Series and World Challenge GT.

Brandon Davis drove in three events in the 2004 Trans-Am Series and three seasons in a World Challenge Touring Car with the Real Time Acura team.  This is where he credits his real development as a driver, learning racing lines and tracks and event practicing patience (to a degree).

“I’m very excited about this year for a couple of reasons,’ he said. “First, I get to run an entire season with my dad. Secondly is on the competitive level because we have a good car that can challenge for wins and championships.”   

ACS Express is also supported by these associate sponsors: Red Line Oil and Mothers Polish and Wax.