For generations, racing has been a family endeavor for many, following the bloodlines to the finish lines.

Rarely, though, have fathers and sons raced side by side, battling in the same series or operating as teammates.

That rare combination, however, has come to the SCCA World Challenge GT Series as Mike and Brandon Davis of Huntington Beach, CA, are entered in the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach. The SPEED World Challenge GT Race presented by Applied Computer Systems is Sunday, April 20.

The father, Mike, is driving the vibrant neon chartreuse #11 Ford Mustang Cobra of ACS Express Racing while son Brandon is in the jet black #10 Ford Mustang Cobra with green trim. Both carry sponsorship from Applied Computer Solutions and Sun Microsystems. And each will be looking to make their mark in this historic event.

““We’re ready to create our own history at Long Beach,” Mike Davis said.
“I’ve raced here several times and the track is comfortable for me. Brandon has not driven this course, so that gives me a bit of an initial advantage on him. An advantage to us both is that we can run a race and still sleep in our own beds.”

Brandon Davis is confident, as well.

“I see no reason we can’t win Long Beach, “said the 22-year-old son. “Hopefully I will do my part to bring our team home in the front.”

Long Beach promises rewards for the team regardless of the outcome, as it’s a true example of the old adage that a lot of business gets done at the race track. Applied Computer Systems brings in more than 300 people for hospitality and they will all be watching the two Ford Mustangs with great anticipation.

“Yes, there’s a little more pressure,” the 56-year-old father said. “Plus, we’ve got friends and family here, so we want to perform well for everyone.”

Brandon has a different kind of intensity – peer pressure. “I went to high school in Santa Ana, so there will be a lot of friends in Long Beach who have never seen me drive in a professional race,” he said. “There’s definitely a lot of pressure as a result.

“I have been going to the Long Beach Grand Prix for about 10 years as a fan and spectator. It’s very exciting to be driving here this year. It has a lot of fanfare and there’s a lot of atmosphere.”

And for father or son, a win for either of them will be a victory for both.

“As racers, we are all competitors,” Mike Davis said. “But if I get beat by any competitor, then I would want it to be my son. I would be a proud pappa.”

Said Brandon: “We’re both competitive people. We love each other but won’t give anything when it comes down to driving in a race.”

ACS Express is also supported by these associate sponsors: Red Line Oil and Mothers Polish and Wax.